What Should I Write In An Academic Essay About Friends?

Essays may be the most common task asked of students during the course of their educational career and even when this is over, you still can’t escape their importance. Many student move on to jobs where they are required to complete well written compositions as a matter of course, so mastering this skill from early is a wise decision.

When writing an essay about friends, there are many approaches you could take but the best may be your own, since this topic will have different meanings depending on who you ask. In the following five simple points, I will provide you with some useful ideas that could be used to help you construct you a well written essay about friends:

  1. What does friendship mean to you?
  2. The meaning of friendship to you is a good place to start when writing a paper on this theme. At first you may think the meaning is simple and everyone understands it that way and you may be wrong. Friendships can be complicated, strained, easy going, professional or even family focused.

  3. Is having many friends good or bad?
  4. Some people have one or two friends for their entire lives and do just fine while other people have so many friends, its hard to keep track of them all. There are many differences between these two types of people, but both seem to do just fine in the long run. What are your opinions on the amount of friends any healthy person should have?

  5. Should you define your self worth based on your friends?
  6. Friends can mean a lot to some people and this can sometimes be quite harmful to the individual, depending on the circumstances. What are your opinions on people that don’t think they are worth anything unless they are popular in social groups?

  7. What makes a person a good or bad friend?
  8. Friends come in all flavors and sometimes, the most surprising people are the most valuable to us and usually only in hind sight, when its too late to do or say anything about it. In your opinions, what are the qualities necessary to make someone a good friend.

  9. Does your concept of friendship mesh with that of the general public?
  10. Do some research by asking around your class or school. From the information you get, is your concept of friendship the same as everyone’s or is it starkly different.

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