Helpful Tips For Creating A Powerful Newspaper Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Centuries after his death, William Shakespeare or ‘The Bard is still known as one of the greatest playwrights that ever lived. One of his most well loved plays is the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Even people who have never read it have usually heard of it mentioned in some way. If you intend to writer about it for publication in a newspaper here are some of the most helpful tips you are likely to find.

Find out as much as possible about the publication

Writing for others is not the same as when you do it for yourself. Words cost money in print media and the space that you use to wax poetic about the way that Shakespeare uses his prose could just as easily have been sold to an advertiser. If you have the freedom to write as much as you like, go ahead. If you suspect you do not, find out what your limit is in terms of a word count range. Also try to understand the publication’s readership. If they expect a comedic piece you cannot be somber. If they expect an academic piece, you must not be frivolous.

Read the play (and a few summaries)

While a few movie adaptations have some close to the original, the least you can do before you start to write is to read the original work. If you still feel uncertain, read a few summaries too. They can often cut through the dated English and say things plainly that Shakespeare may have only alluded to. This may help reveal that Juliet was around 14 when she married Romeo after knowing him less than a week.

Consider its predecessors

As renowned as he remains, Shakespeare often borrowed from previous works in the sourcing of his plots. Look for these and see how much they influenced this play in particular.

Look for works of fiction that it inspired as well as real life events

Many movies were inspired by the general plot of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. These include ‘West-side Story’, ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and several others. You may benefit from including these in your writing.

As one of the most popular plays ever written, your essay will attract eyes no matter the quality. Follow the tips and it will be good enough to keep people reading.

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