Selecting Essay Topics In Education: Tried And Tested Techniques

Teachers ask students to write essays on different topics. You may be instructed to compose a paper about education, for example. However, this is a very broad topic that needs to be narrowed. To find a good narrow topic to write your paper about, you should follow several easy steps.

Tips for Selecting an Excellent Topic

  1. Do some brainstorming.
  2. Think about anything related to education. Once an idea comes to your mind, write it down on a sheet of paper. Brainstorm until you can’t come up with any new idea. This way, you’ll create a big initial topic list.

  3. Eliminate bad topics.
  4. Look through your list and highlight topics that you aren’t very interested in or that are very difficult to write about. Get rid of the highlighted topics. This will leave you with a list of ideas that can potentially earn a high score for your essay.

  5. Approach your classmates.
  6. Ask other students what they think about your list of topics. If the majority of your classmates will point at a particular topic saying that it’s not interesting to them, eliminate this topic from your list.

  7. Approach your teacher.
  8. Now that you have a list of ideas that are interesting both to you and your potential readers, you should go to your teacher for advice. A good teacher will evaluate your list and choose a couple of topics that are better than any other of your ideas.

  9. Make your final choice.
  10. Look at the topics left and decide what you want to write about more. Your decision shouldn’t depend only on your preferences, however. If one topic is much less difficult to research than the other, it’s advisable to pick the easy one.

Tips for Writing Your Essay

A good topic is only the beginning. To succeed, you should put plenty of effort into your work. First of all, you should do thorough research on your topic to support your ideas and arguments with good evidence. If you’re struggling with structuring academic papers, visit your school library and pick several decent sample papers there. Then, you should make an outline for your own essay. While writing your paper, follow this outline. Make sure that each section of your text serves a separate goal: an introduction should draw the reader’s attention to the topic; a body should present and support your arguments; a conclusion should summarize your points and indicate the significance of your work. Don’t forget to proofread your paper to eliminate mistakes.

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