A Brief Review Of The Most Popular Topics For An Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is an assignment in which students establish their point of view on a given or selected topic and then use examples to persuade the readers to agree with their position. Choosing a familiar and/or emotional topic is a smart choice. You don’t have to argue to compose a compelling paper, rather carefully pick convincing evidence and make an emotional investment to change anyone’s mind.

The Most Popular Ideas to Consider for Your Argumentative Essay

Having a manageable topic makes the writing process easier and helps the writer review its importance and compose a concise thesis statement. So, consider one of the mindfully selected popular ideas below:

  • Cover your family life and values.
  • Every family is different, so it’s interesting to look into personal stories from different people. You may compose your paper about the relationship between your parents and other relatives, for example.

  • Analyze the moral dilemmas.
  • These types of argumentative essay topics cover a wide variety of debatable issues from the death penalty to volunteer work.

  • Examine the social issues.
  • Society puts lots of pressure on individuals and groups of people. You can write about something close to you or your beloved ones.

  • Write about legal matters.
  • These topics usually discuss benefits or negative aspects of existing regulations. You can also analyze what laws you would like to change or completely abolish.

  • Study how advertising and media affect people.
  • To get inspired to write about media and advertising, just turn on the TV and watch it for an hour. So, you will definitely come up with something interesting to write about.

10 Unique Sample Topics for Your Argumentative Paper

The examples often inspire and help you come up with your own ideas, so take a look at the following list of 10 unique argumentative essay topics:

  1. Should high school students be required to obtain their parents’ permission to travel abroad?
  2. Should higher education become more affordable for the middle class?
  3. What should be a primary consideration for college admission?
  4. Should athletes be allowed to take a wider number of drugs to enhance their sporting performance?
  5. Can military force ever be justified?
  6. Should society decide what kind of scientific research needs to be banned?
  7. Is the political process in the U.S. fair?
  8. Why are the low-quality songs so popular on music channels?
  9. Are exercise and diet habits the key aspects of healthy lives?
  10. Should governments stop nuclear energy production in the areas of high seismic activity?

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