Essay Writing Methods: 5 Introduction Phrases To Avoid

Essay writing can be a favorite pastime for many, it is not unusual to find persons that simply love the act of composing a well written, interesting story, fact or fiction. You may not be one of these enthusiasts and quite likely, you may not be fond of your skills as a writer. As is often the case, you are more likely to take halfhearted approaches to essay writing as a result, drastically diminishing your chances of become a great writer one day. In any paper, the introduction plays a major part it its success and this should be no surprise, we all know that good beginnings make for good endings. This also means that one must be very careful when constructing their introductions because it can be too easy to make a mistake that proves fatal in the end. A good way to start is by identifying certain phrases that should be avoided, this will help you greatly. The following five points outline five phrases that should be avoided in your introduction:

  1. Predictive phrases
  2. You have created a great idea and it’s still in your mind, waiting to be written on paper. At this stage, it can sometimes be very hard to withhold the final hook, but you must. At no point in you introduction, must you speak about the outcome of your story, you will not only ruin the surprise, you will have taken away from your reader, any reason to continue reading your story.

  3. Over expressive phrases
  4. While it is necessary to be very descriptive, whenever you right, you cannot oversell a point. Avoid using statements that overly express your excitement about the subject, without actually contributing any substance to the plot.

  5. Cliche
  6. This is a common mistake among young writers and it is one that they must drop as soon as possible. While cliches may sound good, they are often quite hollow, giving the reading nothing in terms of information. Instead, create your own ways of stating what you mean, or feel about the subject.

  7. Favoritism
  8. Don’t focus to heavily on any single point, make sure you spread your descriptions evenly across your topics.

  9. All of a sudden
  10. This is a favorite and is often the first one most people start using. While it can seem relevant, it is a major waste of words, and quite a clumsy one at that.

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