Where Can I Get A Good Example Of An Essay About My Family?

Understanding your family history can be one of the most important lessons that you learn in life. There are some families that pass down traditions and stories consistently. Other families may not keep that great of a record. Nonetheless, if you are being asked to write a research or term paper about your family, here are the family members you should try and talk to (if possible).


If your great-grandparents are still alive, they (or whoever is alive) should be the first individual(s) that you begin to seek answers from. As the oldest, they will be able to tell you as much as they can remember (which could go back to their great-grandparents history). The vital information they tell you will help you understand clearly what the rest of your elders down the line explain.


In the case that your great-grandparents are no longer alive, then shift down their description to your grandparents. However, you can most likely gain some (if not all) of the same information from both generations depending upon their memory spans. However, what you will get a better sense of from your grandparents is how your parents were raised. Once you understand those facts, then you will understand why your parents raised you.

Non-intermediate family

It’s always good to get a fair understanding of your family dynamic as a whole. Even though they may not be the best representation at times, you begin to notice traits/characteristics that are common within your family. Whether it is their attitudes, personalities, interests, or other factors.

Parents/older siblings

The closest (unless you have older siblings by 10-15 years) generation wise in your family chain is now your parents. Typically (not always) this is where you are going to get most of your similar looks and personality from. These are the people in your family you will most likely understand and comprehend best out of any family member.

When you are looking for a good essay to write about your family, the best place to start is with them. Gather all of the information that you possibly can from each member possible. Once you feel as if the latter benchmarks are complete, then you sit down and begin writing your family story. Don’t edit out anything such as moments within a story you’ve heard or embarrassing details.

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