Creating An Outstanding Essay About Yourself Within A Few Hours

Compositions have always been thought of as dull and boring, something to ponder over for hours on an end. Well, it is high time that this notion changed and teachers and professors are attempting to do just that. With mentally stimulating and creative essay topics being formulated and assigned to students, homework assignments are slowly, but steadily, losing their ill reputation as a tiresome drudgery.

Providing a personal touch to the paper

When the essay topic clearly states that the student needs to write about himself or herself, it is vital to make sure that the composition is tailor-made to suit the student’s unique personality. The main essence of such compositions is that the teacher must come to know about the writer’s private tastes and distastes, his views for or against a particular topic, and his general stance on current affairs and trending topics.

Choosing a good topic

The main and most important thing about writing a composition is selecting a topic that the student will like:

  • How and why will you make sure that your future family is similar or dissimilar to your present family? Explain your answer
  • How have your goals changed from the ones you dreamed of as a child to the ones you are aiming for today?
  • What do you think has caused this change?
  • Your favourite literary work and how it has impacted you.
  • In your opinion, what distinguishes you from your peers?
  • Why, or why not, are you an ideal member of Gen X?
  • Give an account of an experience that you think, effectively, changed you from a wide-eyed child to a pragmatic adult.

Multitasking can be advantageous

While penning down the composition, it is advised that the student engage in another activity, simultaneously, to get in touch with his or her true self. This could be anything, from listening to a favourite track or going through old family photo albums, from watching a memorable movie to taking a walk through the neighbourhood, from going through old journals to looking up letters and messages sent to or received from old friends.

Staying true to one’s comfort zone

A personal composition does not mean that the student has to coerce himself into revealing intimate details that he is not comfortable sharing. Setting limits and staying within them is always a healthy idea and a relaxing alternative to breaking down one’s wall. A composition about oneself should never be interpreted as a way of violating a student’s privacy.

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