Where To Look For Well-Written Essay Paragraph Examples

To be a good writer, you must first read frequently. Of course, you’re now reading this because you lack the skills, and you have no time to read books, so instead you’re looking for formerly written essays. We’re going to suggest what to read and how to read it.

College application essays: If you browse through applications that were successful, you can observe their compelling writing style and their suspiciously proper punctuation. This isn’t about reading the content; it is about digesting the style of writing, the correct punctuation and the persuasiveness.

Suggestions: The key here is brevity. If you wanted book suggestions you, you would have resorted to forums, but we’re here to suggest short works that wouldn’t consume your time. We especially recommend two brilliant works: The Art of Failure by Malcolm Gladwell and Journey into Night by David Sedaris. When you start reading them, we want you to pay attention to how they made use of their introduction. Did they get straight to the point? Or did they maybe portray an image that they later explained? You need to avoid being technical. Your readers want to communicate with you, and they cannot do that if you sound robotic.

Hook: When you skim other works, you should always look for what their hook was. Where the thesis statement was placed. Was their conclusion just a rewritten depiction of the introduction? You must bear in mind that teachers do not like repeated patterns that make them feel like you’re just trying to get your work over with. Believe it or not, it can be quite conspicuous in your words.

Thesaurus: Yes, using a thesaurus is a great idea. But this isn’t where we solely advise you to make use of it as much as we’re warning you not to abuse it. Some students write a draft, then go over their blueprint and replace almost every word with some seemingly eloquent vocabulary that just ends up making you look like you’re trying too hard to sound smart, that it does quite the opposite.

Coherence: Lastly, you need to make sure your ideas flow smoothly and that they’re all connected. Every paragraph should portray one idea, making sure that all the paragraphs are somewhat equal in length. The conclusion should never introduce a new idea, and neither should the introduction.

We hope we provided you with what you needed to know. Be sure to come back for more tips on writing.

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