Finding An Example Essay On Occupational Health And Safety

It is quite difficult finding example essays on unconventional subjects. The topic of occupational health and safety is one that is of recent concern. It is still difficult to find a lot of example essays on this topic. There is no dearth of material. Many books and sites on the internet will give you a lot of things on this particular topic. The material however is not conducive for writing an academic essay. For an academic essay, you are required to present a certain series of arguments and then balance then with examples. Conventional material found on this topic, don’t necessarily aid in doing so. There are however some sources that can give you good material on this topic.

Research archives

Research papers might be lengthy but they are gold mines when it comes to searching material for essay. Many research papers have been published about occupational health and safety. Your university or nearest library is likely to have some such papers stored in their archives. You can easily access them and study them. The research papers are going to be focused on this subject. The literature review of these research papers are likely to yield a lot more material than what you would find in books and the internet. You can easily glean lots of important arguments from the research papers and get relevant facts to support your arguments. Research papers also have scope of further research and you can take up those points. The best reason for consulting such papers is that you get a lot of sources for information.

Newspaper or magazine articles

As the topic is one of current concern a lot of magazines or newspapers are likely to write on it. It is not unlikely for you to come across an editorial on this particular topic. The benefit of getting editorial articles is that they have condensed arguments which you can easily elaborate to include in your essay. They are excellent sources of examples essays.

If you find a magazine articles on this topic, and chances are you might, your job is sorted. Magazines do detail research before they write articles on anything. The articles will serve as a great source to fetch out arguments for your academic essay. Magazines also tend to provide examples from real life, not just statistical data. Including real life examples in a topic that is a social concern will enhance the quality of your essay.

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