Easy Solutions For Newbies: Cause And Effect Analysis Essay Example

When writing a cause and effect essay there are four important criterions to be kept in mind and satisfied accordingly. The first step is identify the scenario, understand what is happening. Second, recognize the major forces at play. Third is to see the extent of these influences. And finally the fourth is to provide a definition of the relationships identified in the scenario in your essay.

Here are a few cause and effect analysis essay topics for you to choose from-

  1. How is the way we use the internet affected by us when we make a visible effort to move away from computers on how we use electronic gadgets like the smartphone and tablets?
  2. Discuss the impact of social media on relationships between family members of the present generations.
  3. Discuss the factors that influence a woman to repeatedly involve herself in violent and often ‘self-destructive’ relationships.
  4. With respect to a particular country or religion or community, discuss the effects of religious oppression on the society as a whole.
  5. Determine the effects of a fulfilling and happy marriage on a person’s health and discuss the situations supporting it with evidences.
  6. Explain whether or not going to college will help to have better marriages.
  7. Given the circumstances of the current world, determine the effects of watching news reports of natural disasters, terrorism, sexual predators and other news materials as such on adults as well as children.
  8. Discuss the effect of one non-profit organization of your choice on any social media problems.
  9. Discuss whether or not, the education learning scenario has changes because of students doing most of their tasks with the help of computers and tablets and not with the help of papers and books.
  10. What are the effects on children who grow up in a single-parent household?
  11. Is dating effected by the feminist moment? What factors of it have affected the views of men and women when it comes to dating?
  12. With respect to China's old one child policy and the recent change of the policy to allow two children per family, how will the changes affect the family dynamics in China?
  13. How are children affected by the popularity or wealth of their parents?
  14. What are the factors that lead to over scheduling of children by parents and what are its effect on the children subjected to it?
  15. What are the driving factors when people prefer non-Western medical cures like traditional Chinese medicine or herbal supplements over Western medicine?

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